The Importance of the correct signage

When you live in a shared building with multiple flats or apartments the need for signs to be displayed becomes a common occurrence.

Signs that relate to safety should be clearly displayed and should be easily understood (Not as shown here in the picture here on the left) The types of signs we would expect to find would include signs such as; Fire points, a Fire Policy, Emergency exit signs and call points. Where building have a special requirement, you may find bespoke signs displayed by the Freeholder, Management company or a Managing Agent giving warnings or information regarding part or parts of the building, these could include simple notices such as a Wet Floor or Wet Paint or more serious warnings regarding an unsafe area or works being undertaken in part of the building.

The importance of signs and the way they are displayed within the building is not often given much consideration. However, they can improve the safety for everyone in the building, including people who are just visiting or working in the building as well as those who live there permanently.

Take the time to familiarise yourself with the signs posted in your building and make sure that you pass on any relevant information to your guests when they are visiting you.

If you feel a sign is not easy to understand or it is not displayed clearly then contact either your Landlord or Managing Agent and ask them if they can amend the wording to make it easier to understand or to re-position it in a more suitable area. Always remember, signs that are displayed for your safety – Read them, understand them, and if in doubt ask for more information.



First and Foremost

Conflicts and disputes between a Landlord and Tenant or a Freeholder and Leaseholder if unresolved will cause stress and the financial cost of action can escalate out of control.

Mediation, if initiated early, can resolve 8 out of 10 disputes cost effectively, and alternative dispute resolution is also encouraged by the Courts.

“Don’t leave it too late to Mediate”