When the relationship between the Landlord and Tenant breaks down it becomes an awkward and troublesome time for a Tenant. Sometimes it may feel like you are not being heard, and you can not get the Landlord to understand the point you are trying to express to them.

It is not unusual that when a Landlord and Tenant have a conflict, each party see it from a different perspective. The Landlord may see it from strictly a financial position of cost and rent, where a Tenant may see it from an emotional one with the fear of upsetting their landlord and losing their home.

The Key to mediation with Landlords and Tenants is for the mediator to express and explain the views of both parties to each other and in doing so try to find common ground to allow the parties to reach an agreement or better understanding that can lead to an agreeable outcome.


All mediation cases can be different, sometimes addressing large or small conflicts, so for this reason each mediation is a bespoke undertaking. When you make an enquiry you will be contacted to establish the type and nature of the conflict, where you can also discuss the process of Mediation. If your case is suitable for mediation then the Landlord is contacted to see if they are willing to enter into an independent mediation to try and resolve the problem.

The benefit of this type of conflict resolution is that it is cost effective for both the Landlord and Tenant, and it is often quicker than a long, costly court action. Very often Landlords are keen to resolve issues as quickly and with as little cost as possible, and this becomes the first stage where the parties start to agree.


There is no commitment when applying to the cost of mediation unless both parties agree, and then that cost is a shared cost between both parties, and that cost is agreed by both Landlord and Tenant prior to any mediation starting.


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    First and Foremost

    Conflicts and disputes between a Landlord and Tenant or a Freeholder and Leaseholder if unresolved will cause stress and the financial cost of action can escalate out of control.

    Mediation, if initiated early, can resolve 8 out of 10 disputes cost effectively, and alternative dispute resolution is also encouraged by the Courts.

    “Don’t leave it too late to Mediate”