Buying a property or releasing equity


If you are looking to become a landlord, then this may require a buy to let mortgage, particularly if you do not wish to buy the property outright or you are not able to do so. There are many lenders in the market place that will consider you for finance but ensuring that you get the best deal possible is critical when you are considering the profit margin that you are looking to achieve, as ultimately you want to, or have already become a landlord to make a profit.

As a landlord or potential landlord you may want to look at the potential financial benefits in securing your property in a limited company, in preference to holding it in your own personal name.

Working with the correct professionals is the key to achieve this goal. If you are looking to buy a property for renting or you have a property already that you rent, and you would like to examine your options for either purchase or the release of equity or apply to obtain a lower interest rate, then use the contact form below.

Tenants, Leaseholders and Management companies

There comes a time when tenants consider purchasing their own property, this can be a particularly stressful time. It may arise that you as a leaseholder have an opportunity to purchase the freehold of your building, or you are looking to raise finance based on the equity of your apartment or property. Whether you are a first-time buyer or you are already a home owner or you are looking to purchase the freehold of a leasehold block as an individual or management company, it is beneficial to examine all sources of finance and what interest rates are currently available.


If you are a landlord looking to buy or release capital or a new buyer, leaseholder or management company and you want to know more:

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    First and Foremost

    Conflicts and disputes between a Landlord and Tenant or a Freeholder and Leaseholder if unresolved will cause stress and the financial cost of action can escalate out of control.

    Mediation, if initiated early, can resolve 8 out of 10 disputes cost effectively, and alternative dispute resolution is also encouraged by the Courts.

    “Don’t leave it too late to Mediate”