Leasehold investigation service for tenants/purchasers


Our leasehold investigation service has developed over many years where conveyancing is generally done as a remote exercise, carried out at a desk somewhere. Very often the sale is reliant upon a Leasehold Property Enquiry Form 1 (LPE1). It is in the LPE1 that conveyancing solicitors ask to be completed to establish disclosure in relation to services, the condition of the building and items of insurance etc.

Our leasehold investigation service takes this one step further where a professional makes a visit to the property and undertakes a visual inspection, reviews disclosed documents and prepares a report identifying specific items which raise concern. These items can then be clarified with the landlord/seller and so providing more reassurance to a buyer and also the buyers are then more aware of any potential problems that may have been missed or not disclosed in the LPE1.

The report will generally consist of photographs and an overview of the building as a whole, highlighting areas of concern. It is not a surveyor’s report, and is prepared solely for the understanding of how a leasehold property functions.


If you are dissatisfied with the service provided by a letting agent or a landlord then the leasehold investigation report can be used to highlight potential defects or areas that have not been maintained or obligations not adhered to within the lease, and so fundamentally the information obtained within the leasehold investigation report can be used as a cornerstone to seek compliance, engage mediation or pursue a form of legal action, if required.

This service has been used by tenants in both large and small leasehold estates, from a single divided house to purpose built tower blocks and housing estates. This service has had a large level of success in resolving issues with the service charge and management problems raised by Leaseholders and Tenants.

Our reports are designed to be informative and to focus attention towards areas that could potentially be a problem for those people who are either living in or looking to buy or sell a leasehold property, be it the individual flat or the freehold.

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    Policy: We are committed to protecting your privacy. Authorized employees within the company and partners on a need to know basis only use any information collected from individual customers. We constantly review our systems and data to ensure the best possible service to our customers.



    First and Foremost

    Conflicts and disputes between a Landlord and Tenant or a Freeholder and Leaseholder if unresolved will cause stress and the financial cost of action can escalate out of control.

    Mediation, if initiated early, can resolve 8 out of 10 disputes cost effectively, and alternative dispute resolution is also encouraged by the Courts.

    “Don’t leave it too late to Mediate”